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Inspiration for Wedding Vows

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Details & Design, Fashion & Gifts

Photography courtesy of Sarah Jual Photography

Vows are an incredibly meaningful part of your wedding daythe very reason your friends and
family have come to celebrate. And just like no two couples are the same, neither are wedding
vows. Versions of exchange range from cheeky and romantic to spiritual and solemn. The best
way to begin writing yours is to decide if your vows will take a modern or traditional route.

Modern Wedding Vows

Many couples are forgoing traditional vows to write their own unique and personal ones. Your
exchange should reflect your personality, and if traditional vows feel too serious or uptight,
consider modern vows. You can share what you love most about your partner, how you inspire
each other, and make promises for your life together. Remember, the best vows are the ones
that feel most authentic to you!


Traditional Wedding Vows

While modern wedding vows allow for creative variations, if your personality and partnership
lean toward the traditional, then let your vows reflect that. Centuriesold vows set a strong
foundation for your life together. Triedandtrue words from your religion or faith can be powerful, moving, and evocative.

Something to consider in case you got jitters

If writing your vows feels like a dauting task, consider writing them together. You might be
surprised to find that it can deepen your bond as you collaborate on your vision for the future.
You can also ask your officiant to read your vows. This will ensure public speaking nerves wont
hijack your special occasion.

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