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Made Especially For You

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Details & Design, Sponsored Content

Experience unparalleled personal care by this luxury event-planning service that designs weddings around your unique love story.

There is one person in this world who truly understands the depths, the movements, and the complex crevices of your heart the way that you do. When you find them, something strange and incredible happens. A story begins to unfold. It lives and breathes and can be shared with the world, but it’s something only the two of you can really, intimately know.


Summer House Couture Weddings and Events understands that every “I do” is not only unique, but irreplicable. They take their time in getting acquainted with the fairytale that you and your lifetime partner have created together before curating a celebration of your most extraordinary journey yet: your union in marriage.

From inception to execution, and all of the moments in between, Summer House indulges every detail in their thoughtful attention, then marries them harmoniously when designing a premier wedding day experience that specially captures the deeply-rooted connection between you and your best friend.


The premier wedding planning and design company has been long-celebrated for their elevated full-service approach and careful coordination, hardly requiring brides and grooms to do so much as lift a finger on the day when they are meant to simply celebrate in their love. Luxury like this, while a dream to anyone, is especially perfect for the traveling couple who cannot be on-island until just before they vow their hearts to one another.

Your wedding, like your love, should be purposeful and timeless. Take your first steps into forever with Summer House.

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