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Pros and Cons: Outdoor Wedding

by | May 3, 2023 | Details & Design, Lifestyle

Header Photo Credit: Jenny Vargas Photography

Photography by Jun Tagai at Blanc Photo

What better place to have a wedding than on a beach in Hawaii? Consider these pros and cons to find out!

There’s a reason why Hawaii is the destination for weddings. It’s hard to beat the pristine waters, cloudless blue sky, and nearly perfect weather year-round. Yet, we all know the natural elements can be unpredictable. Whether Hawaii is home or the destination for your wedding, consider these benefits and risks of hosting a wedding outdoors.

Pros: Outdoor weddings have many advantages—from picturesque scenery to natural lighting and minimal necessary décor, it’s easy to see why choosing a natural ambience is the popular choice.

What better way to say, “I do” then with a breathtaking backdrop of the ocean? Not only will your space look beautiful in person, but your pictures will turn out amazing too because of the natural lighting. An alfresco space also allows for a larger party and breathing room. Who doesn’t love fresh air?!

Cons: Of course, there are some downfalls to the natural experience.

Summer months can be extremely hot and muggy in Hawaii. There are also trade winds to be aware of. A windy day can comprise your pictures by blowing your hair, dress, and veil everywhere. You will also want to consider a backup plan in case of rain. This can add stress and expense to your experience, but luckily, the rain typically passes in Hawaii leaving you with a chance of a rainbow and good fortune!

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