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The Language of Flowers

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Details & Design, Sponsored Content

When words fail to do the job, tell that special someone how much you love them with a gift from Lily Rose.

Sometimes, the deep love you feel for that special someone is more intense, more tender, more electrifying than words can say. How can you express the feelings that swell in the pit of your stomach as you recall their touch when fingers intertwine, the sound of their voice when singing your favorite song, the warmth of their embrace after a long and difficult day? Sometimes, “I love you” does not carry enough weight to properly convey emotions so strong. When this is the case, say it in the language of flowers with a hand-crafted arrangement from Lily Rose.

To the artists at Lily Rose, every flower possesses a soft grace that whispers its own tune. By weaving them together in bouquets and more, they orchestrate a harmony in which no voice is drowned out– only enhanced in beauty. These skills were honed through international training, privileging each Lily Rose hand with a plethora of knowledge in botany and culture that the florists refer to when masterfully crafting every floral arrangement.

Thoughtfulness seeps in details as rooted as the premium floral boutique’s name. The Lily flower is symbolic of devotion and the Rose is a symbol of romance. Lily Rose is meant to marry the two together for the ultimate expression of love.

Whether celebrating a birthday, marriage, or Tuesday afternoon, elevate the occasion and communicate the passion behind your love with an unforgettable gift from Lily Rose.

Find them online at LilyRoseHawaii.com, @lilyrose_hawaii.

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