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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: What to Pack for Your Big Day

by | May 22, 2023 | Fashion & Gifts, Lifestyle

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The days leading up to your wedding can get very hectic—between hair appointments and getting nails done, between last-minute deliveries and almost-forgot pick-ups, it’s easy to begin feeling stressed and overwhelmed on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life. That’s why we’ve created this handy checklist to help you pack your overnight bag and give your weary brain a little break.


The Key Players:


Your wedding dress, wedding shoes, and wedding rings.

Photo Courtesy of Mohala Eyewear


Your Essentials:


Your personal list may vary… but we imagine most can’t go without these:

  •       Toothbrush
  •       Hairbrush
  •       Makeup remover (oil based is best for removing layers)
  •       Flat shoes
  •       Lingerie/ PJs
  •       Personal makeup bag
  •       Perfume
  •       Deodorant
  •       Medication/painkillers
  •       Phone charger
  •       Speakers

And, most importantly, a bottle of bubbly!

Photo Courtesy of Honua Skincare


Everything Else:

  •       Robe or button up (something to wear during hair and makeup)
  •       Jewelry
  •       Handbag/accessories
  •       Sentimental items
  •       Your vows/a pen & notepad
  •       Paperwork of legal ceremony
  •       Supplier payments
  •       Wedding party gifts
  •       Anything you’d like photographed (ex: wedding stationary)


Remember—It may be that you are only going away for a night or two, but weddings are a big deal! This is not the time to pack light like you are driving up to the north shore for the weekend. It’s your wedding day. So, trust us on this one: bust out that oversized suitcase of yours and pack like you are traveling for a month overseas.

Photo Courtesy of ALOHA Collection

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