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Toast to Love with Manoa Honey & Mead

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Fashion & Gifts, Sponsored Content

The Origin of Honeymoon

Once believed to be an aphrodisiac, newlyweds would spend one full moon cycle after their union indulging in
mead-a wine made from the fermentation of honey. Couples would drink and rejoice, attributing their fertility and good fortunes to this sweet elixir. This period became known as the “honeymoon”.

Today, Manoa Honey & Mead celebrates this old tradition by capturing that bliss with their modern mead, a bright and effervescent reminder of the pleasure we know as Love.


Wahiawa’s hidden gem hosts a team of beekeepers, mead-makers and honey house crew who work with appreciation for Nature’s wonders.

At Manoa Honey & Mead, they believe in capturing the essence of paradise in every bottle. They honor the beauty of nature by creating meads that are an expression of the splendor of Hawai’i. Using their own locally harvested honey and all Hawai’i grown ingredients, their meads are bubbly, light, refreshing, and full of tropical aromas – a delightful addition to your celebration. A glass of this effervescent mead makes the perfect toast to your everlasting love.


Enjoy our mead as a sweet toast to your special moments in Life.

Photo Credits: Blaine Kanno



Manoa Honey & Mead
Email: aloha@manoahoney.com
Website: manoahoney.com
Social Media: @manoahoneymead

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