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3 Wedding Dress Trends We Love for 2023

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Fashion & Gifts

These styles are perfect for Hawaii brides.

By: Jasmine Chagnon

If you’re getting married in Hawaii in 2023 (or even planning to elope by the end of this year), here are three wedding dress trends you can expect to find when shopping for “the one.” Though the new season will see a variety of styles—think both straight and asymmetrical necklines, super high slits, colorful florals—we are highlighting our favorite dress styles that would be especially fitting for brides tying the knot in Hawaii.

Open Back

Bring sexy back by showing as much skin as possible. After all, it’s hot in Hawaii! The backless look is especially great for photo ops, and making a statement when you walk up and down the aisle!

Bare Shoulders—With Sleeves

Off-the-shoulder is taken to a whole other level when paired with sleeves. This trend is almost a double whammy since both bare shoulders and sleeves are proving to be of-the-moment styles. The voluminous sleeves are a fashion-forward choice and accentuate your shoulders and collarbone.

Party Time

Don’t be surprised to see more and more short dress options at bridal boutiques. The best part? Your wedding dress doubles as a party dress. No need to change into something that allows you to dance—you’re already ready! Again, the Hawaii heat also lends itself to dresses that let you, well, breathe.

Photo by Mikkelle Carlson

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