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They are Meg, Pete, and Micah – AKA The Bradyhouse Photographers. They are adventure photographers for couples and elopements based on Kauai and are always ready to travel. You can usually find them climbing mountains, chasing sunsets, and always having the most fun. They believe that your photographer isn’t just another vendor, they are the people who will be with you on the most intimate day of your life. They don’t want to be strangers hiding behind a camera just telling you when to smile and tilt your head to the right. They want to become your friends. They will be the ones celebrating with you after your epic day by cheersing a beer or popping a bottle of champagne, sharing laughs, and finding magic everywhere they go.

They believe in personally written vows, chasing the sun, and that life is filled with enchantment, all you have to do is find it.


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Kauai, Hawaii


Bradyhouse Photographers