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Leading the pack as a multi-award-winning photographer, Dave Miyamoto possesses the exceptional ability of capturing the emotion and fleeting moments so true of a wedding.

Born and raised in Kuliʻouʻou, Oʻahu, Dave is known for his comfortable, and approachable personality so characteristic of his Hawaiian up-bringing. He is able to easily connect, anticipate and capture the wedding day as it unfolds naturally and organically – the anxious preparations, the intricate details, the symbolism of love, the only-on-your-wedding-day gaze of a couple in love, and the ever-present unspoken sentiments.

Dave’s love for photography is supplemented with his love for his family and the ocean. Growing up with the beach as his playground, Dave surfs nearly everyday to stimulate his mind, body and spirit. His other loves include practicing Hot Yoga, the occasional Rum + Diet Coke, and cooking.

Experience and technical skills, together with his passion for life, and creating incomparable images in lasting photos, that relay the moment, is what makes Dave Miyamoto a truly exceptional photographer.


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Dave Miyamoto & Co.