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Proposing on Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Lifestyle

Photography by Right Frame Photography

Elevate your Valentine’s Day romance by getting down on one knee and popping the big question.

As hearts and roses fill every inch of the shelves in your local grocery store in preparation for the year’s most romantic day, you may begin feeling inspired to finally confront the giddiness that makes home at the pit of your stomach every time you think of your special someone. You may finally feel ready to get on one knee and let that thrilling question escape your lips: “Will you marry me?”


Just as it is on every Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. If you’re considering gifting them an engagement ring before the holiday’s end, you may want to keep the following in mind:

Your love story is a unique one

On the day where everyone is celebrating their own love, it’s important when proposing to bring out what makes yours special. Valentine’s Day comes every year, but the big ask only happens once. Make sure it stands out by exceeding expectations and going the extra, EXTRA mile. If your typical Valentine’s Day tradition is dinner and a movie, take them on a cruise with a show. If it’s chocolate-covered strawberries, coordinate a dessert bar of their favorite treats. Do something that sets the romance of your proposal apart from all else that manifests on this day dedicated to celebrating love.

Intimacy is romantic

While a five-course dinner at one of the island’s gourmet eateries may sound like a dream, restaurant reservations have been booked for months by other patrons looking to woo their special someone on this lovely occasion. Privacy in public places is far less likely on Valentine’s Day. But what’s more impressive than a candlelit dining experience? A planned scavenger hunt for just the two of you, a hike that ends in the most beautiful view, a private chef enjoyed from the comfort of your own kitchen. This level of intimacy sets an even greater tone for romance that will surely sweep them off their feet before popping the question.


Handmade gifts are from the heart

Flowers, candles, and all things romantic skyrocket in price as Valentine’s Day nears. Luckily, the best gifts come at no cost. If 20 dozen roses and a firework show are simply out of your budget, put together a gift built from your own thoughtfulness that speaks to your specific love story. Serenade them with an original song that expresses the depths of your affections, bake your engagement ring into their favorite dessert, craft a picture book that tells the story of how you met and became the soulmates you are today. A gift that comes from your heart, hands, and mind tells that person, “I know you like nobody else does and have fallen in love with every part of who you are.”

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