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Engaging with the Experts: The Photographer Edition

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Hawaii Wedding Photography, Sponsored Content

Header photo courtesy of Absolutely Loved Photography

Meet Hawai‘i’s expert wedding photographers and get an inside look on the tips and tricks they’ve collected through decades of industry experience. In this edition of the Engaging with Experts series, these professionals share their thoughts and passions to ensure your special day is a success.



Stefanie and Anna, a close-knit mother-daughter photography team, blend their expertise and love to create exceptional and diverse visual stories. Their backgrounds—Stefanie’s European art influence and Anna’s passion for Hawai‘i—add distinctive touches. Stefanie brings romance and elegance, while Anna injects fun and adventure. Together, they offer clients a unique, personalized, and unforgettable photography experience, capturing a wide range of moments with creativity and expertise. Read more about Absolutely Loved Photography in their feature, linked here.

Amy specializes in capturing and preserving the unique moments of weddings, from preparations to the ceremony, allowing couples to relive their memories. What sets her apart is her multilingual background, which influences her classic photography style, and her effective communication strategy, to convey each couple’s unique story. Read more about Amy M. Lee Photography in their feature, linked here.


Aria’s enduring success can be attributed to their unwavering dedication to the art of crafting meaningful stories and their exceptional storytelling prowess. With their extensive experience in the wedding industry, they have mastered the art of creating a comfortable atmosphere for couples, expertly balancing spontaneity with guidance. Read more about Aria Studios in their feature, linked here.

Photo courtesy of Captured By Collins


Caitlin Alohilani Photography utilizes a unique blend of Hawai‘i and California to influence her work. Her Hawai‘i upbringing nurtures a deep love for nature and family, while her California experiences fuel artistic growth. Caitlin’s preference for film photography preserves memories with nostalgia and shapes her distinctive editing style. She stands out by advising couples to prioritize celebration over photography, guiding them to fully embrace the love on their special day. Read more about Caitlin Alohilani in their feature, linked here.


At Christie Pham Photography, the husband-and-wife team places a strong emphasis on cherishing their personal connection while dedicated to capturing every moment of couples’ special occasions. With their wealth of experience, they skillfully preserve enduring memories and ensure that couples remain relaxed and engaged while capturing photos. Read more about Christie Pham Photography in their feature, linked here.


Emily Choy Photography delights in sharing couples’ happiest moments, creating cherished heirlooms. Driven by passion, they commit to capturing weddings with vulnerability and creativity. Emily Choy’s style blends a fashion-forward aesthetic with a documentary approach, celebrating perfectly imperfect, unique, and modern moments that resonate with heartfelt authenticity. Read more about Emily Choy Photography in their feature, linked here.


Mami Wyckoff Photography promotes open communication with couples, encouraging them to prioritize their preferences. Whether you want to focus on post-ceremony couple portraits or simply savor the cocktail hour, they emphasize the importance of working with a photographer who plans ahead and pays close attention to the couple’s wants and needs, ensuring a stress-free wedding day. Read more about Mami Wyckoff Photography in their feature, linked here.


Matias Ezcurra Photography draws inspiration from family photo albums and a desire to mentor others in the craft. The most fulfilling part of their work is forging authentic connections with couples, providing a safe space for their genuine expressions, and ultimately producing stunning artistic images. Read more about Matias Ezcurra Photography in their feature, linked here.


Megan Moura’s background in fine art and photography enables her to appreciate the historical and societal significance of photography. She emphasizes the importance of capturing authentic, timeless moments that reflect genuine connections between people, advocating for a truthful, artistic approach over fleeting trends. This, she believes, produces enduring and satisfying work for clients. Read more about Megan Moura Photography in their feature, linked here.


Pinky Yoshimoto, a wedding photographer, derives immense satisfaction from capturing life-changing moments for couples, offering advice to choose a photographer who aligns with their style. She stays creative by staying updated on industry trends and observing local photographers while maintaining her artistic identity. Read more about Pinky Photography in their feature, linked here.

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